Lena Pogrebnaya

Lena Pogrebnaya (Ukraine) lives and works in Odessa. She first fell for photography in 2009 while studying at Odessa State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture. After graduating in 2011 Lena continued her photographic exploration.

Brutalist architecture of the 50s and 70s quickly became Pogrebnaya’s main inspiration. The essence of her projects lies in monumental constructions featuring concrete, granite, decorative tiles of multiple colours and people merged with the aesthetics.

For Lena Pogrebnaya, architectural forms are part of the nature — being creations of people, nature’s products themselves. In her “nature creating nature” universe, a human being feels harmony both in the wild and in the urban environment. Her models look dignified in any site, and yet they are simply a unit of the beautiful surroundings, just like everything else in the picture.

Featured artworks.

Young Guard 29
Lena Pogrebnaya
Up to 180 x 120 cm
Youth 14
Lena Pogrebnaya
Up to 180 x 120 cm


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