Mitch Pearson-Goff

Mitch Pearson-Goff (Australia) is a passionate landscape and seascape photographer based in Sydney. Born and raised in Tasmania, Mitch’s passion for photography was formed at an early age and his ease in the natural environment permeates his entire body of work.

Mitch draws inspiration from the beauty of the world around him. Whether it is the Northern Lights dancing in the night sky overhead, a raging swell illuminated by the morning sun, or the long shadows cast on deep valleys from surrounding mountains - Mitch continually strives to create images that showcase the natural world and foster an appreciation in others for the landscapes that speak to him.

Featured artworks.

Emotional Seascapes. (7)

Pastel Waves
Mitch Pearson-Goff
Up to 225 x 150 cm


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