Love is Love

40 artworks.

Fearless does not mean we have no fear. Fearless means living our lives in a courageous way, taking action despite our fears. To celebrate the 41st Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Festival we have selected 41 photos in honour of the LGBTQI Community.
Glowing Tamarama
Seb Ruiz
Up to 225 x 150 cm
Rainbow Umbrella
David Behar
Up to 120 x 120 cm
Pot of Gold
Ben Thouard
Up to 150 x 225 cm
Hutt Lagoon 3
Remy Gerega
Up to 225 x 150 cm
Kopjes Kingdom I
Gabi Guiard
Up to 178 x 120 cm
Down Below
Silard Toth
Up to 225 x 150 cm
Peter Collie
Up to 150 x 225 cm
Dreamer Pool 1
Elena Iv-Skaya
Up to 201 x 150 cm
Haircut 100 3
Elena Iv-Skaya
Up to 120 x 161 cm


Our photographers are as geographically diverse as the art they create. For an insight into their work, click on a theme or explore their profiles below.

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