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Six artists who have nailed abstract architecture photography
Six artists who have nailed abstract architecture photography

Abstract architecture photography is an intriguing celebration of the urban landscape that leaves much to the interpretation of the viewer. Interesting architectural designs present much scope for illuminating certain structures and distorting others, playing with light, perspective and time of day.

The result? An entirely new viewpoint of structures that might otherwise be part of the daily landscape for passers-by, without much more than a second glance.

Here, we pay tribute to six artists who have nailed abstract architecture photography — and share some of their most iconic works.

Matthieu Venot

French abstract architecture photographer Matthieu Venot took up photography for the first time at the age of 35 following an earlier career as a musician. His signature bright and sunny aesthetic is achieved by shooting only on cloudless days, and Venot’s shots focus in on particular details of larger urban structures, such as pools and apartment blocks. His pastel-hued minimalist graphic compositions have garnered several awards, including first place in non-professional Advertising at PX3, Prix de la photographie, Paris (2017).

Daniel Garay Arango

A master of the genre, Colombian photographer Daniel Garay Arango uses digital manipulation to create awe-inspiring imaginings of urban structures. Specialising in black-and-white images, he seeks to uncover the unknown in the known and, in his words, seeks to use photography to “reveal what always hides in plain sight.” This multi-award-winning photographer received much recognition for his 2018 two-part series GRVTY, whereby structures have been deconstructed such that parts appear to be floating in space.

David Behar

Los Angeles-based Behar specialises in capturing beach and urban landscapes. His photography style captures a beguiling, almost eerie sense of solitude even when shot among one of the urban epicentres of the world. Blue and Yellow frames the colourful balconies of an apartment building in the South Beach neighbourhood of Miami Beach, Florida, such that it appears isolated in space. His work has appeared on the walls of Apple stores and in collaboration with Sony Music.

Swee Oh

Born in Malaysia and now based in San Francisco, architecture photographer Swee Oh studied architecture at university before channelling her interest in urban forms into photography. Inspired by black-and-white architecture photographers Julia Anna Gospodarou and Joel Tjintjelaar, Oh’s style involves a particular focus on lines, as well as negative and positive space. She was awarded a Hasselblad Master award in 2016 for her alluring images of the Seri Wawsan Bridge in Malaysia.

Jesus M Garcia

Spanish landscape and abstract architecture photographer Jesus M Garcia travels the world seeking out environments and structures that spark his imagination. His shots of urban landscapes and iconic structures, such as the Eiffel Tower and the Chrysler Building, shot from below are particularly alluring. He also specialises in innovative post-processing techniques. Garcia was named 2017 International Photographer of the Year by the Epson International Pano Awards.

Richard Silver

Richard Silver is a travel photographer with a particular penchant for iconic architecture – whether that be old or new. From churches dating back to the Baroque period to the skylines of modern cityscapes such as Shanghai, Silver trains his lens on cities across the globe (he has travelled to over 300 cities and counting) and applies techniques such as time slice, tilt-shift and vertical panoramas to imbue new meaning on urban structures. His corporate clients include CNN, Tiffany & Co. and National Geographic, and his work has been exhibited in spaces including the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art.

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