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Choosing prints for your walls
Choosing prints for your walls

Brought to you by Mr. Jason Grant

I love having prints on the walls of my home! I’m always adding to my collection. However choosing prints for your home can be tricky so here are a few pro tips when selecting and hanging prints in your space.

1. Trust your instincts and your eyes buy what you love what you’re attracted to, then you will enjoy it on your wall.

2. Framing is everything (bad framing can ruin a great print) simple framing is best, I love timber, white or black frames ( but you can get creative with how they are mounted and other ways to display)

3. Think big often we are restricted by budget but believe me there is nothing worse than one tiny artwork on a large wall, buy a bigger size or create a gallery style wall.

4. Use art to create a focal point, create an eye-catching moment above your sofa, in your entrance hall, above a bed, above or on a sideboard or even at your desk.

5. Don’t be afraid to move your art around your home, try it in different places for a fresh update.

6. Art doesn’t have to match your decor don’t be afraid to create a contrast, not everything needs to match in your home, it all works together if you love it!

7. Consult the experts in making your purchase.

All prints from Blinq Art
Styling, production and Photos Jason Grant in partnership

‘Rainbow Umbrella’ by David Behar in a white shadow frame

‘Leisure Class IV’ by Dash & Mari in a rosewood space box

‘Iconic Palm Springs II’ by Ludwig Favre in a white framed artshot

‘Sommertag’ by Manuela Deigert in a white framed art shot

‘King’s Portrait I’ by Gabi Guiard in a black framed artshot

 ‘Bronte Baths by Remy Gerega in a black shadow frame

‘Wild Wild West 1’ by Francoise Gaujour in a white shadow frame


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