Peter Coskun - Dunes

Peter Coskun (USA) has a passion for photography that has become stronger over the years as well as his passion for the wonderful natural world. When he put both of them together it is complete bliss. Nothing makes him happier than traveling through some of the most photogenic landscapes and being able to photograph them. Growing up in the city (Philadelphia) made nature sound dreamlike. It wasn't until he was thirteen that his family moved across the country to the Arizona desert. 

A landscape, he always thought to be bleak and boring. Vast expanses of sand and cacti were what he would always think of. It didn't take long to realize that this was just a stereotype of Arizona. He found himself surrounded by red rock cliffs, canyons, lakes, and rivers. Since then, he has focused on creating compelling images sharing his vision of these beautiful places. He strive to bring new perspectives to popular places and inspire others to cherish these natural wonders.