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Formats and sizes prints are all available as classic Framed ArtShots. We also offer 6 signature wall mount formats as well as 3 acrylic ArtBlock sizes, perfect for your desk or an inspired gift.The end product always looks modern and strikingly elegant.


Authenticity photographs are printed on high quality archival grade photographic paper, and depending on the subject matter, either a glossy, matte or metallic paper is used.

Our artworks are printed in accordance with the highest quality standards and under the supervision of the artist.

They are delivered with an individually numbered certificate of authenticity.


Framed ArtShot

Framed ArtShot

The classic ArtShot photograph is wrapped in either a black or white traditional aluminium frame. A large mat border gives your artwork a gallery look.

This is a great gift or perfect to run as part of a series, staggered on a wall.

Dimensions of the finished artwork including the frame are 40 x 50 cm.

Print Only

Print Only

Wanting to arrange for your own framing? All our photographs are available in a print only format. The artwork has a 4cm white border to allow any kind of framing possible.

We offer free shipping worldwide on all Print Only artworks.



The acrylic ArtBlock is freestanding so no hanging is required. The image is given a unique luminescent, floating quality with an almost three-dimensional effect.

Our acrylic blocks can take your art to new places.

Small 11.5x17.5cm
Medium 15x23cm / 15x15cm
Large 20x30cm 20x20cm

Acrylic Mount

Acrylic Mount

For a minimalist and modern look, we offer the acrylic (Perspex) mounting finish. Face mounting on acrylic is extremely popular amongst photographers and artists. It provides a floating effect that enhances visual depth, clarity, and definition to the photographs.

Shadow Frame

Shadow Frame

Shadow Frames can be used to frame acrylic mounted artworks, giving our prints a unique and contemporary look. Shadow Frames come in both white or black to better suit your artwork or interior.

Each artwork is individually numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity. Dimensions showed during checkout are the actual dimensions of the finished artwork including the frame.

Space Box

Space Box

These premium frames are designed to show your art as the centrepiece allowing the artwork to float in space within the clean setting of the Space Box.

The artwork is set away from the sides and back of the frame and is mounted on an edgeless aluminium board creating this unique 3D effect. The frames come in both white or black to better suit your artwork or interior.

Dimensions showed during checkout are the actual dimensions of the finished artwork including the frame.



Each wall mount format is available in the outdoor finish, up to the Grande size.

Our outdoor collection is crafted using the highest quality weather resistant material. We use a 6mm Clear Acrylic allowing the exposure of the artwork to extreme conditions including sunlight and both high and low temperatures.

Important note

All transactions are securely executed in Australian dollars. Changing currency provides you with an estimate only of the price in the selected currency based on the current exchange rate.

Important note

All dimensions are expressed in centimetres by default.


Our photographers are as geographically diverse as the art they create. For an insight into their work, click on a theme or explore their profiles below.

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