Submerged Drillbit
Bill Morris - A Surfer's Life

Submerged Drillbit

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About this artwork

Of all the secrets in the ocean, the underwater view of a surfer riding a wave is the most difficult to access. But, come. Come and see the vibrant blue. A wave with the grain of marble. A kind of secular chapel that delivers the most physical sensation, and fantastic distortions.

Artist biography

Bill Morris (Australia) is an award winning Australian Freelance Surfing Photographer who specialises in water photography.
He has a deserved reputation for getting some of the most critical, close-up images you will see. He has worked as a Senior Staff Photographer at ‘Surfing Magazine’ in the USA, ‘Tracks Magazine’ and Australia's ‘Surfing Life Magazine’. While companies like ‘Oakley’, ‘O’Neill Europe’, ‘Red Bull’ and ‘Ocean & Earth’ retain his services for their advertising shoots each year.
Bill has shot the world’s best surfers around the globe at the most exotic surfing locations for years and his photos are in demand at magazines and web sites all over the world.

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