In Between ... by Night
Cyril Cayssalie - Urban Moods

In Between ... by Night

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About this artwork

here are few urban landmarks as immediately recognisable as the Sydney Opera House, perched there on the edge of Sydney Harbour. The famous building by Danish architect Jorn Utzon is the face of innumerable photographs.
But, this long exposure image, snatched between apartment buildings on the Harbour’s northern shore, demonstrates an intensity of form, the high contrast between dark CBD and its dazzling Opera House suggesting a city of multiple layers.

Artist biography

Cyril Cayssalie (New Caledonia) has over 20 years of experience as a freelance photographer and now calls Sydney home. He has a love for urban architecture and beach culture, capturing split second moments that define experiences.
Cyril Cayssalie has a passion for abstract photography and this is seen throughout his work - with his differing use of colour, light, shadow and shape. His work has been exhibited in galleries throughout Europe including France, Belgium and Germany.
He likes to share his work with his community and is active on social media, amongst them Instagram, where he posts a new photo every week.

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