Blue Squares
François Peyranne - All I need is blue

Blue Squares

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About this artwork

Relax. Unwind. Enjoy. Play. Beautiful blue.

Artist biography

François Peyranne (France) is a photographer, director and graphic designer based in Paris. Talented artistic director and landscape photography passionate, he started shooting during personal trips, to develop his eye and technique year after year.
François belongs to a new generation, eager to discover news ways of mastering their skills including submarine, drone, portrait photography. Each one of his productions has a story to tell, each photo is thought of as if it is a painting. He aims at creating completed, meticulous, spectacular images; perfectly transposing a narrative and putting to life a specific universe.
His in-depth sense of composition, makes him an "old hand" in the field of print and video production - from the creation of images, to movie direction and to post-production.

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