Feed the Birds
Haoming Wang - Streets of Sydney

Feed the Birds

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About this artwork

The street photography of Haoming Wang comes instinctively, the use of high contrast black and white, of its recurring themes: the CBD, the cityscape. Here, we see a scene of birds being fed at Darling Harbour, at sunset, that shows an ordinary scene in a crystalline light.

Artist biography

Haoming Wang (China) was born in Wuxi in 1985 and moved with his family to Singapore where he lived for five years before emigrating to his present home in Sydney, Australia.
He became interested in photography starting in 2007 and acquired his first Leica shortly thereafter, which sparked his interest in photography as creative expression. Inspired by the work of legendary photojournalists and street photographers, he documents the small ironies and ordinary events of everyday life with honesty, compassion, humour and wit.

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